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Scotia Pipers


1: How much will it cost to hire a piper or pipe band for my event?

The price varies dependent on your exact requirements. It is important to note that you are paying for the artist's time and pricing is not determined by how much you wish them to play within that time. You can obtain an express quote by using our instant quote system.

2: Why hire a piper?

A piper can add great colour, music and Scottish culture to any event.  We are good at drawing crowds, make a nice welcome, and are a good addition for photographs. We go down particularly well with foreign guests. We are only too happy to share our knowledge with you and your guests.

3: What tartan will the piper wear?

Between us we have many different tartans available. See the pipers profile section for information on the tartans of each of our pipers. Where possible we are more than happy to try and colour code ourselves in to your event. If the exact tartan of the piper is important to you, and you are prepared to pay for the cost of hiring if available, we can wear this for you.

4: What music will they play?

We have a large selection of music in our repertoire with each piper knowing different tunes from the next one. In our client area you can have access to a selection of our favourite tunes and our recommendations of what works best where.

5: Are the pipes allowed inside the church?

This is dependent on the individual priest or celebrant. In most cases there isn't a problem with this, however it is always good manners to run it by whoever is in charge of your Wedding. Remember however that it is YOUR day, if the church is not keen.

6: Are the pipes too loud to be played inside?

This is dependent on the circumstances, we are good at judging this on the day. In most cases pipes are fine in short bursts, i.e up and down an isle. If we feel the room to be too small we will either stand at the back or outside in the corridor so that the noise can still drift in. You might also want to consider adopting the Scottish small pipes for any inside work.

7: Can they be in the photographs?

Absolutely. We are proud to pose for any photographs with you or your guests.

8: What does a pipers grade mean?

There are vast differences in the quality of pipers. A piper who plays with a grade 1 band is on the top of their game. This is a person who is competing amongst the very best in the World.  Who knows how to tune their instrument (this is of paramount importance and is where the squealing cat references come from), and who has the professionalism to dress smartly. The lower end of the spectrum is grade 4. This would most likely mean that the person doesn't take their piping so seriously, is a novice, or someone who doesn't aspire to great level of competition. Most of our pipers have experienced playing in Grade 1 competition or have been leaders of lower graded bands

9: Do we need to feed the piper?

Very rarely do we require to be fed. If there was to be an onsite time of more than 5 hours then perhaps some food would be appreciated. You are welcome to invite the piper to stay for dinner if you wish however this is by no means compulsory.

10: What is the difference between no1 and no 2 dress?

The No. 1 or full ceremonial dress consists of a kilt, tunic, horse hair sporran, spats and diced hose, full plaid with Cairngorm brooch and a feather bonnet. This really is a spectacular sight and turns heads wherever it is viewed. The No.2 uniform is a slightly less formal and more modern version of the full highland dress. It consists of a kilt, Argyll jacket, shirt and tie, ghillie brogues, and a sporran.

11: How do we book our piper?

You can use our online booking procedure to complete your booking and you will receive confirmation. Or you can book by post by completing a paper orderform. Alternatively you can visit the office and book in person.

12: How do we pay for the piper?

You can pay via google checkout, or can send a cheque, pay by bacs transfer or pop in to the office with cash, which ever you prefer.

13: Can we hear the piper play before we commit?

We can arrange this where possible. We also have videos, pictures and audios of our pipers on our site that you can browse through. If there is any particular piper that you like the look of, we can check availability of this piper for you.

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