Our ‘Blaw and Squeeze’ Sessions are ideal for all sorts of parties.

The session is an interactive bagpipe workshop. Can last anything from 20mins to an hour depending on your requirements. It’s ideally suited to groups with a pax of around 20, but can be conducted with larger groups depending on the circumstances. Ideal for corporate break outs, pre-dinner drinks, alternative hen and stag parties. The approach is very much tailored to fit the occasion.

The workshop will cover the history of the bagpipe and where it fits in the history of Scotland. We can also touch on the history of tartan and the kilt, how the bagpipe works, we will strip the bagpipe down and show you the guts of the pipe and what all the various components are for.  We talk of the differences between the mechanics of ancient pipes and the modern day equivalent. We perform a musical tour of the history of bagpipe music from pibroch, traditional marches to strathspey and reels. Jigs and Hornpipes to contemporary cover tunes.  We will also introduce you to the Scottish Small Pipe.

Then….it is your turn to ‘blaw and squeeze’. We will start by introducing you to the practice chanter (supplied by us) and show you the very first movements in piping before you try this for yourself. We will then talk you through the exercises that have to be mastered before tackling the highland bagpipe. You can then have a shot of the ‘beast’ for yourself to see if you are a master ‘blawer and sqeezer’ or if you are a squealing cat.

All of this is done with a degree of humour, fun anecdotes from the piping world and a degree of mickey taking when the occasion suits.

This can be done in a very laid back and relaxed approach or you can build the competitive spirit in your team and we will award the champion piper in your team with a suitable prize.

To mix this session up, you may also want to include a highland dancer to put your guests through some dance moves also, both country and highland. This is a fun way to round the session off.

Early booking is recommended for the uniquely Scottish experience!!!

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